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RINA implementation for OS/Linux

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The Recursive InterNetwork Architecture (RINA) is a new Internetwork architecture whose fundamental principle is that networking is only inter-process communication (IPC). RINA reconstructs the overall structure of the Internet, forming a model that comprises a single repeating layer, the DIF (Distributed IPC Facility), which is the minimal set of components required to allow distributed IPC between application processes. RINA supports inherently and without the need of extra mechanisms mobility, multi-homing and Quality of Service, provides a secure and configurable environment, motivates for a more competitive marketplace and allows for a seamless adoption.


IRATI is an open source implementation of the RINA architecture for OS/Linux systems. An overview of the goals and the high-level design of the IRATI RINA implementation can be found in this paper.


This source code was developed by members of the IRATI project, funded by the European commission under the 7th Framework Programme grant number 317814.

The contributing members of the project are (alphabetical order):